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Zach Dunkirk
Junior High Science Teacher/P.E. Teacher


This is my 20th year teaching at Edinburg Schools.  I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Science and P.E. classes. I went to Litchfield High School and Participated in Golf, Basketball, and Baseball. I then attended Eastern Illinois University and received a Bachelors in Science.

My Expectations for for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Science Classes:  Come into class ready to Learn, Be Respectful to the Teacher and other Students, Observe the Guidelines of Social Distancing from each other and Wearing Masks. 

During Remote Learning, Attendance is required every day so I will be able to Submit a Students name into Teacherease.

Remember if I give Homework/Quizzes, Students need to check their Chromebooks for any Assignments that have been Assigned.


Textbooks to be used:

 6th Grade Science:  Human Biology and Health, Chemical Building Blocks, Inside Earth. 

7th Grade Science:  Cells and Heredity, Chemical Building Blocks, Inside Earth, and Astronomy.

8th Grade Science:  From Bacteria to Plants and Motion, Forces, and Energy.


Your Google Classroom Codes:

6th Grade Science:  


7th Grade Science: 


8th Grade Science:  







Friday -10/29

6th Grade Science

Read 90-93


Read and Discuss:    

  3.4 Final Digestion and Absorption


3.4 Final Digestion and Absorption  Section Summary






Discovery Education – Overview of the Digestive System






3.4 Final Digestion and Absorption Worksheet














Quiz 3.4 Review








Quiz 3.4 Final Digestion and Absorption

7th Grade Science

Read 88-93


Read and Discuss:  

3.2 Probability and Genetics



3.2 Probability and Genetics Section Summary












Discovery Education –Inheritance Patterns






3.2 Probability and Genetics

























Quiz 3.2 Review









Quiz 3.2 Probability and Genetics

8th Grade Science

Read 95-104

Read and Discuss:

3.3 Fungi


 3.3 Fungi Section Summary


Discovery Education – Fungi




3.3 Fungi Worksheet







Quiz 3.3 Review




Quiz 3.3 Fungi


K/1 P.E.


Chickens, Chickens Come Home






Color Tag







Clean up You Room



2/3 P.E.


Mat ball


Mat ball


Mat ball   


Mat ball






High School P.E.



Speed ball



Speed ball



Speed ball



Speed ball





7th Grade P.E.



Mat ball



Mat ball



Mat ball



Mat ball













To Contact me: Email me on Google Classroom with Questions You Might Have.






Phone: 217-623-5603 Email: Zach Dunkirk
100 E. Martin Street Edinburg Illinois 62531